Friday, February 6, 2009

welcome to my blog!

hello everyone! i can't wait to share a more in-depth look into my work and my life with you! i'll be showing you new jewelry, a look at my studio, etsy finds that i love and much, much more!

for now i have some random facts for you:

• my name is kelly

• i have been happily married to my husband ben for almost two years

• i have two cats:
sophie - a sweet and cuddly tonkinese kitten who loves to talk
sugar - a very independent cat who doesn't really care for petting and favors my husband ben

• my favorite candy right now is goetze caramels, have you tried these? they're amazing!

• guilty pleasures: the real world, caramels (see above), espresso drinks and craft beers!

• favorite color: aqua, least favorite color: navy blue

• on my bucket list: to see punxsutawney phil on groundhog's day

• i take part in 'knit night' every monday evening with my mom, my two sisters and my best friend (the most amazing group of women i know!)

• i love enameling and making jewelry!

that's all for today. stay tuned for my next
post which will show a glimpse into my studio!


  1. I'm excited for the new blog Kell! Love the wallpaper too!

  2. thanks lisa! and thanks for being a follower even though i think of you more as a leader!

  3. Aww, that's so sweet Kell! BTW, love those glasses on you up there... Raaaaarrr!