Thursday, February 19, 2009

new, new, new!

new jewelry is coming! a new design on a square pendant will be available this evening on etsy. it is my new favorite, i can't wait for you to see it!

also, i have some other new earrings and necklaces in the developmental stages right now, coming soon!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

come on into the enamored studio!

i love seeing other artist's workspaces. it doesn't matter what the craft is, seeing where someone spends so much time, where they actually create their art is so interesting. so, hopefully you find it interesting to see where i work!

this is where the enameling happens!

an action shot!
the blue powder is enamel, i.e. powdered glass.
it gets sifted onto, in my case, fine silver and put on a trivet
as seen on the left before getting fired in my kiln at 1450 degrees.
(note: yummy enamel colors in background)

and finally, for your laughing pleasure:
me in my fabulous enameling attire next to my beloved kiln!

Friday, February 6, 2009

welcome to my blog!

hello everyone! i can't wait to share a more in-depth look into my work and my life with you! i'll be showing you new jewelry, a look at my studio, etsy finds that i love and much, much more!

for now i have some random facts for you:

• my name is kelly

• i have been happily married to my husband ben for almost two years

• i have two cats:
sophie - a sweet and cuddly tonkinese kitten who loves to talk
sugar - a very independent cat who doesn't really care for petting and favors my husband ben

• my favorite candy right now is goetze caramels, have you tried these? they're amazing!

• guilty pleasures: the real world, caramels (see above), espresso drinks and craft beers!

• favorite color: aqua, least favorite color: navy blue

• on my bucket list: to see punxsutawney phil on groundhog's day

• i take part in 'knit night' every monday evening with my mom, my two sisters and my best friend (the most amazing group of women i know!)

• i love enameling and making jewelry!

that's all for today. stay tuned for my next
post which will show a glimpse into my studio!